Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday grab-bag

When Tyler Cowen writes about how macroeconomic forces will divide society back into a few “haves” and a multitude of “have-nots,” there always seems to be a whiff of smugness about it. His latest dystopian vision appears in Politico. “Think of it as a kind of digital social Darwinism, with clear winners and losers,” he writes.

In 1964, Arthur Danto realized, thanks to Andy Warhol, that art had stopped being special. (Warhol's ongoing influence is a big part of why, despite the best efforts of art critics to pretend otherwise, the 2013 Carnegie International is so chock-full of not-special things.) (HT The Browser)

Video of the week: Earlier this week, a friend linked on Facebook to what may be the greatest Literal Video of all time. And it even has fencers! 

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