Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday grab-bag

Can you call an article inspirational when it’s about a man who reads corporate tax filings in his garage all day? Hell yes, you can.

Economics as a moral science,’ or why sometimes a Pareto efficiency is just a Pareto efficiency.
I already posted this link on Facebook, but holy heck, what hackers can do to you if they get you in their sights.

Video of the week: Wouldn't be right not to mark Lou Reed’s passing:

If the comments are to be believed, air guitar guy is someone named Rich Miller:

I waited 8 hours on line to get that seat. Was 23 at the time in law school. In the audience was Andy Warhol, Lou Reed's parents, Adam Ant, members of the Go-Go's. Amazing show. I was shocked to see VHS/DVD with my face splattered all over this song. My 15 minutes of fame

And it was alright …

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