Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday grab-bag

Goldman Sachs says a good merger is one that concentrates market power and leaves consumers worse off.  

● Earlier this week on Facebook, Jim Brown pointed me to this amusing list of Japanese tips for visiting the U.S.

● Arizona has passed (but as of Saturday morning, Gov. Brewer had not signed) a bill allowing business owners to assert their religion as a reason to deny service to gays. State Rep. Gordon Denlinger of Lancaster County is seeking support to do the same in Pennsylvania. I found this backgrounder on the issue, but I'm betting there has to be more to this than Mother Jones has uncovered - there are just too many bills popping up all at once. 

Video of the week: I got to see Edgar Winter last night at the Lancaster Roots & Blues festival. He's pretty old now, and nearly everything he played was from that one big album, and he delegated an awful lot of the performance to his sidemen. (I don't think I've ever been more impressed by a musician, yet less moved and ultimately more bored, than I was by the guitarist.) But who cares? I got to see one of the all-time great rock weirdos, the guy who did this: 

The 2014 version doesn't feature the platform shoes, but Edgar still plays all the instruments, and it was damn good. FWIW, that's Rick Derringer playing guitar in the video, and the bass player, Dan Hartman, is a Harrisburg native.

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