Friday, September 27, 2013

Matt Yglesias goes 2 for 3

If I were picking Wonkblog’s “best sentences we  read today,” I’d give serious consideration to these two offerings by Matt Yglesias:

● “This business of letting a hard-core of GOP rejectionists determine the terms of the debate is a choice, and it’s a choice he [Boehner] ought to reject.”

● “The actual forecast is that the political system will be under the control of a relatively narrow elite who will stomp on the interests of the median household.”

The former sentence comes from a post on the debt ceiling fight, the latter from his take on Tyler Cowen’s book, Average Is Over. Both posts are short, well worth the couple of minutes it takes to read them.

But then there’s his piece on why the Republicans should act for the greater good by abolishing the debt ceiling, which concludes with this:

● “If they all got together and made a pact to do the right thing, it’s not like they’d all face simultaneous primary challenges.”

Um, I bet they would. Yes, Matt, the Tea Party really is that radical. 

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