Friday, July 26, 2013

There's a Google Street View of Mount Fuji

Apparently, I didn't need to climb Mount Fuji on that cold, rainy night in 1993.* I just needed to wait 20 years until Google climbed it for me.

Truly, we live in remarkable times.

*Climbing Fuji is a bit like going up the world's largest slag pile - it's all this crunchy, crumbly volcanic rock. My friends and I froze our butts off because we couldn't see spending 7,000 yen to get into one of the shelter huts. So we huddled together outside and sang Beatles songs to keep warm. It didn't work! When we reached the top the next morning, it was fogged in; I succumbed to altitude sickness and ended up spending 9,000 yen I couldn't afford on cans of oxygen at 1,500 yen a pop. Despite all that, I remember the climb with great fondness.

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